Conditions of Use

Placing Orders
You may also place Orders by calling our toll-free telephone number at (888) 491-5836, or email your order to us at

Minimum Order Size
The minimum order accepted for delivery is $300 or 15 bags of 25 pounds or larger size. Please call with any questions, as we try hard to accommodate customers of all sizes.

Returned Checks
There will be a $30 service charge for each check returned to us from the bank. Repeated occurrences of returned checks will result in the account being placed on a cash-only basis. Any discounts given (e.g., items on sale) will be charged back to the account if a check is returned from the bank.

We gladly accept authorized manufacturer coupons from retailers. Retailers should follow the instructions listed directly on the manufacturer coupons.
Coupons will be processed in our office and a credit will be issued to your account. Drivers are not allowed to give credit for any coupons at time of delivery. Coupons must be turned in on a timely basis, as we cannot accept coupons past their indicated expiration date.

Product Claims and Returns
Any claims for broken items, damages, or shorted merchandise should be made at the time of delivery. We ask that you check in your order with the driver.  You have 48 hours to make any claims for additional damages or discrepancies. Drivers are not allowed to pick up any merchandise without prior approval from our office.

Special Orders
Special orders may be placed with us for certain items that we do not carry but only for customers who have prior sales history. Special orders must be prepaid and may be subject to minimum order and handling charges required by the vendor. Delivery must be made with the next available delivery date after Village Pet Products has received the product. If a special order is cancelled, the customer will be notified that they will no longer be permitted to place special orders in the future.